Welcome to my world!

First of all, thank you so much for taking a moment to peek into my world a bit.  My grand plan is to regularly put things here that will inspire, excite, and amuse.  I am appreciating more and more the power of all of you to contribute marvelous content, so I also hope to use this space to give visibility to the incredible things that others are doing as well.

The idea for meshmote came from a remarkable experience I recently had at London Business School.  After some incredible lectures on technology and social media, I came to the sudden realization that I was no longer the technological leader in my family.  That position had been quietly taken over by my fifteen and eighteen year-old children.  The power of collaborative networks (the mesh) was second nature to them, and something I was going to have to work to learn.  The “mote” is me, floating around within that network, looking for a place to connect, collate, and contribute.

I am so full of interests right now, that I expect it will take time for me to settle into a theme or rhythm for what I will share.  My own creative writing will definitely appear, but I am also anxious to share visual images, interesting tech developments, music, world-changing ideas, and brilliant innovations (at least in my ever humble opinion).  Please be patient and let me know what you like, especially if it is a surprise to find you like it.

Thanks again for joining me.  I hope you will be back.


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